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To Address Your Financial Circumstances

Lisa Claycomb, JD, CFP® Photo
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Lisa Claycomb, JD, CFP®

Founder, Financial Advisor, Custom Retirement Strategist

Welcome! I’m originally from Ohio and have lived in San Diego for over 30 years. After many years of working in government, I set out on my own to create a niche career that would allow me to truly help people in a compassionate and caring fashion.

In 2015, I launched LGC Financial. We are a firm dedicated exclusively to serving pre-retirees and retirees as they financially prepare for, transition into and live in retirement. Since no two people or situations are alike, we craft custom financial strategies that offer peace of mind for people who put their trust in us.

When I’m not perfecting retirement plans, you can find me traveling with my husband Dave, searching for the next best boutique winery, or trying out a new, fun recipe.

Why are you passionate about financial planning?

My clients are people who have spent a lifetime working and accumulating assets for retirement. Making mistakes in the retirement planning process can, in some cases, significantly diminish the value of those assets in their later years. I am deeply passionate about helping seniors put themselves in the best position to live the lifestyle they desire and enjoy retirement with genuine peace of mind.

How do you interact with clients?

My services are custom-tailored to the needs of those who seek my advice. My process varies depending on where my prospects live, as well as their goals and circumstances. My more distant clients and I engage via online meetings, phone conversations, and email messages. With my local prospects, we typically meet in their homes, but can also meet in person at a library, park, or office conference room, or we can meet online if it’s preferred.

What is your education and previous work experience?

While I was pursuing my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I worked in nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities providing hands-on healthcare and rehabilitation to elderly patients and individuals who were injured on the job.

As a law student, I conducted investigations in juvenile dependency matters on behalf of attorneys working to protect children from abuse and neglect. After completing my legal studies, I worked as an administrative advocate in the environmental arena, evaluating evidence, preparing legal documents and representing my agency in administrative civil penalty hearings. Soon after, I became an internal affairs officer handling employment discrimination and other misconduct matters.

After many years of rewarding government employment, I sought new professional fulfillment. Having come full circle, I joined an insurance firm and became a passionate retirement planning strategist for seniors. Seeking the most advantageous way to help my clients, I left my firm and established myself as an independent financial advisor and insurance broker offering a safe and caring environment where I can deliver quality, comprehensive retirement planning services.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to travel with my husband, Dave, and I’m a huge sports enthusiast and college basketball fan. I’m also a zealous volleyball lover, as my husband coaches high school and middle school kids and I get involved and cheer them on. I am an ardent wine aficionado and enjoy venturing out in search of delicious, inexpensive vino. Also, as a staunch animal lover, I’ve done extensive animal fostering and rescue work. As such, I enjoy hiking with my Labrador Sophie or even just walking her around the neighborhood.

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