Family financial concerns can arise at both unexpected and predictable times, and often when life’s changes or milestones occur.  Perhaps you or a loved one has had a job change, retired, downsized, received an inheritance, sold real estate, had a baby, divorced, or passed away.  These life events can trigger the need for asset protection, new account establishment, account rollovers, tax strategy utilization, or portfolio review and management.

Additional financial issues can arise for all of us as we experience the aging process, and may impact our family members as well as ourselves.  You may be an adult helping your parents deal with health issues, dementia, or extended care needs.  Maybe your loved one needs affordable in-home care or help to navigate the Medicare system.  If you are feeling the pressures of running your household and saving for retirement while also assisting a family member with a plethora of health and financial concerns, you are not alone.

At LGC Financial, we educate family members on healthcare options, available insurance and financial vehicles, and affordable strategies designed to provide peace of mind to everyone involved.

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